Chris Duarte

Mexicali Blues
Teaneck, N.J.

Feb 3,2007

Recorded about 30 feet from stage ( center) with Zoom H-4 handy recorder.

Lineage: Zoom H-4>wav>usb>pc>cd wav>traders little helper>flac.

Recorded & Transferred by Bob Pitlak

16 Bit

*The write-up was written right after the show

This was another blistering performance By Chris Duarte & co, and must say this is a
pretty amazing recording considering this is my first recording ever, with the Zoom H-4!

Some minor glitches like my batteries dying on me at the end of Romp, still great
show and performance as usual Chris always surprises you in some way, as i've heard it
said before Chris is the real deal, great guitar playin to say the least!

If you don't know The Chris Duarte Group, you might wanna check this out, if you know
Chris Duarte, it's a No-Brainer.


Chris Duarte: Killer Guitar/Vocal's
Damian Lewis : Drums
Dustin Sargeant: Bass

Disc 1: (54:58 ) Min

01: Intro
02: People Say
03: I'll Never Know
04: Letter To My Girlfriend
05: Out In The Rain
06: Crazy
07: Screenwriters Blues
08: Scrawl

Disc 2: ( 30:20) Min

01: Paper Dolls
02: Free 4 Me
03: Stupid Song
04: Aint No Tellin/Watch Out

Disc 3: ( 50:05 ) Min

01: Badness
02: One More Cup Of Coffee
03: Azul Ezell
04: Chris Talks
05: Crimino
06: Romp
07: Jazzy Thing
08: To The Higher Ground