Chris Duarte & Bluestone

September 6th, 2007

Mexicali Blues
Teaneck, N.J.

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Recorded And Transferred By: Bob Pitlak

The Band:

Chris Duarte: Guitar & Vocals
Toshi Sumitomo: Guitar & Backup Vocals
Yoshi Ogasahara: Bass
Taizo Takafuji: Drums
Taro Takagi: Percussions

Another smokin performance as Chris has Japanese supergroup Bluestone
incorperated onstage, together they bring a whole new sound with them,
some Chris Duarte stuff, some Bluestone stuff.Together they rock the
house with some amazing guitar riffs, killer solos.

Japanese Bluestone is huge in Japan, and after watching Toshi on guitar
trading licks with Duarte, youll'e see why this group is worth checking out,
a real treat to say the least!

One Long Set!

Disc 1:( 75:00) Min

01: Intro
02: ?
03: People Say
04: Big Legged Woman
05: Luck Shine
06: Amy Lee
07: I'll Never Know
08: Carnal Assets
09: Hush
10: Can't Fight The Blues
11: Sun Prairie Blues

Disc 2:(75:25) Min

01: Drum Solo
02: Crazy
03: Out In The Rain
04: Romp
05: Leave Her Be
06: Waste Of Time
07: Cissy Strut
08: My Way Down
09: Cleo Into Like Eric
10: Crowd Yells For Encore
11: Valle Colorado

Chris was so loud that about 4:06 minutes into the first song i had to lower the gain
setting on my recorder because it was clipping out, and i didn't want a distorted
recording, outside of that it sounds pretty great to me...

Crack One Open And Enjoy!!!