Chris Duarte

Mexicali Live
Teaneck, N.J.

Febuary 28th,2009'

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Lineage: Recorded And Transferred By Bob Pitlak

Chris Duarte came back to Mexicali Live with a new Band, and a couple of new cd's
to show off, one with the Chris Duarte Group, and one with the Chris Duarte & Bluestone

As usual nobody knows what Chris is going to play, but this night from the first moments
you knew Chris was out to prove something to a full house.

Leading off with Slapstack, a funky groove off of the new Vantage Point cd he just keeps
building the momentum, with blazing, blistering solo's, this is nothing new to people who
have seen Chris before but he always seems to impress you again and again.

If you don't know Chris Duarte and like killer guitar playin, you need to check him out,
if you know him it's a no-brainer!

One of the best live performances i've seen in a while.

The Band:

Chris Duarte: Killer Guitar/Vocals
Matt Stallard: Bass
Chris Burroughs: Drums


1st Set

Disc 1 ( 72:03 ) Min

01: Chris Introduces Band
02: Slapstak
03: Letter To My Girlfriend
04: Crazy
05: Leave Her Be
06: Scrawl
07: Chris Talks To Crowd
08: Satisfy
09: Free 4 Me
10: One More Cup Of Coffee
11: Hard Mind
12: Big Legged Woman

2nd Set

Disc 2 ( 69:24 ) Min

01: Driving South ( end 1st Set )
02: People Say
03: The Best That I Can Do
04: I'll Never Know
05: Shiloh
06: Screenwriter's Blues

Disc 3 ( 23:06 ) Min

01: My Way Down
02: Cleo-Drum Solo
03: Like Eric

Support Chris Duarte & Bluestone by going to some live shows and buying cd's etc !

***This one goes out to my buddies Pat, Rick, Snuffy who were there with me!

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