Chris Duarte Band
Clam Man's Party House, Seneca Falls, NY
2016 May 24

Audience Recording
Recorded and Transferred by SDC, May, 2016

Sony PCM-10 (built-in mikes)-- 16-bit, 44,100 kHz wav files--MacBookPro-> Amadeus II for tracking amplification (Tracks 4-14, 150%)-->xACT to convert to FLAC, Level 6, SBE corrected

The Band:
Chris Duarte: Guitar & Vocals
Yoshi Ogasahara: Bass
Erick Tatuaka: Drums

02. You Ain't Going Hurt No More
03. Angry Man
06. Thick of It
08. One More Cup Of Coffee
09. For No One
10. Chris Talks and Tunes
12. Try Your Love on Me
13. Pop Song
14. Hideaway

This was my first show at Clam Man's Party House and my first time seeing Chris Duarte, whom I learned about through Dime. For those who don't know, Duarte is in many ways the living embodiment of the young Alvin Lee. He can really play, and while he has speed, he never uses it for show the way Eddie Van Halen and others of his ilk do, but rather as part of getting the music from one place to another. And the rhythm section is terrific. Why isn't he more famous?

Well, I'm not sure the audience at this gig was going to help much. Clam Man's Party House is somewhere between a biker bar and an outdoor events center. They even have Volleyball set ups outside. The show was in a low-ceilinged outdoor event room, the kind of place you'd have a wedding reception, only outdoors. The band was set up at the back of the room, which meant that the sound was loud and because of the low, metal ceiling, not-great when you were sitting inside. After the first three songs I moved slightly outside the shed because the sound was more balanced. Sadly, some talkers emerged so there's a lot of chatter on the recording. And, listening back, the first three songs don't sound as muddied on the recording as they did to my ears. On the whole, the recording came out pretty well and his playing is great. I think we got a slightly less energetic show than the other night because the crowd wasn't all that in to it. People talked through most of the show and at one point he asked the crowd something and almost no one replied. Still, and all, the recording is well-worth having. I don't know the names of all the songs, so any setlist advice would be most welcome.

Support the band--go see him live (you won't regret it) and buy his recordings.

Feel free to share this recording, but never, ever sell it.