Chris Isaak live broadcasts on Dutch Radio Hilversum 3.

CD 02 and CD 03 recorded in the Pandora's Music Box in Rotterdam on Oct.12th, 1985.

But CD 01 is a live acoustic broadcast from Oct.9th, 1985.
It has some rough spots.

The Pandora show is split in two broadcasts, so if you skip CD 02
with the broadcast from Oct.16th, you will only miss "The Lonely Ones"!

Recorded on Maxell XL1 35-90B tape at 9,5 cm/sec. ( four track/two channel ),
tuner most likely switched to mono or narrow stereo to get a clearer signal here in Germany.
There's still some static noise, though.

Played back with TEAC X-300R to Tascam CD RW-402.

Cdr ripped with EAC ( secure mode ), track separation done with Cd-Wave Editor.
Audacity to remove very few clicks.
Flac files ( level 6 ) with Trader's Little Helper, aligned on sector boudaries using fix.

Rank Stranger
July 2015

Tracklist CD 01

Live recording 1985-10-09

01 Introduction
02 Devil Woman
03 Western Stars
04 Interview

Total time: 9:55"

Tracklist CD 02

Recorded 1985-10-12, broadcast 1985-10-16

01 Tears
02 The Lonely Ones
03 Gone Ridin'
04 Talk To Me
05 Devil Woman
06 Livin' For your Lover

Total time: 17:14"

Tracklist CD 03

Recorded 1985-10-12, broadcast 1986-01-07

01 Lovers Game
02 Tears
03 Gone Ridin'
04 Talk To Me
05 Devil Woman
06 Livin' For Your Lover
07 Unhappiness
08 Voodoo
09 Dixie Fried
10 Diddley Daddy
11 In The Heat Of The Jungle
12 Vaya Con Dios
13 Jack The Ripper

Total time: 44:07"

The band:

Chris Isaak: vocals, guitar
James Calvin Wilsey: guitar
Kenney Dale Johnson: drums
Rowland Salley (?): bass