Chris Isaak
Santa Cruz Blues Festival
Aptos Village Park
Aptos, Ca
May 25, 2014

Recorded by Daspyknows

Recorded Center Seat 26th Row

Schoeps MK4 w/NBox Tascam DR-2D 24 Bit 48K

Processed using Soundforge 11, resample, to 16bit 44.1K
TLH to convert to Flac

Master 2014.08

1. intro by Wavy Gravy 1:40
2. Best I Ever Had > Speak of the Devil 8:07
3. Two Hearts 2:58
4. chat 1:33
5. We've Got Tomorrow > chat 4:22
6. I Want Your Love 3:31
7. You Don't Cry Like I Do 3:59
8. Beautiful Homes 3:55
9. San Francisco Days 3:39
10. Somebody's Crying 2:39
11. Wicked Game 4:59
12. Go Walking Down There 3:36
13. Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing 7:35
14. Only The Lonely 2:51
15. chat > Ring of Fire 4:19
16. chat > Can't Help Falling In Love 4:46
17. chat > Dancin' 3:30
18. Life Will Go On 3:04
19. chat > Forgetting 'Bout You * 4:48
20. chat > I've Been Everywhere * > chat 3:40
21. chat > Blues Stay Away From Me > chat 4:53
22. Dixie Fried 2:19
23. chat > Live It Up 3:53
24. Pretty Woman 3:04
25. chat > Great Balls of Fire > applause 3:08
26. applause > instrumental > Blue Hotel 4:18
27. Big Wide Wonderful World 4:00
28. Blue Spanish Sky > band intro 4:21
Total 109:39

Chris Isaak - guitars, lead vocals;
Kenny Johnson - drums, vocals;
Hershel Yatovitz - guitars, vocals;
Rowland Salley - bass, vocals;
Scott Plunkett - keyboards;
Rafael Padilla - congas;
* Chris's brother Nick Isaak - guitar, vocals

My original plans were to see Steel Pulse the night before and then drive home but thanks to
fellow taper Wilson66 I had a place to stay in Santa Cruz. At that point I figured I should
go to the Santa Cruz Blues Festival and I bought a circle of gold ticket which allowed me a
spot in front of the soundbard. I was moving slow in the morning and left Bill's place around
9:45. Doors at 10 and music at 11. I parked where I thought the buses were leaving but after
a ten minute walk I realized I was not at the right parking lot. I walked back and drove to
the correct lot. Bus ride was about 10 minutes and it was 10:55 as I picked up my ticket at
will call. No issue with search and then I walked up to front to find a seat. The front 24
rows were packed but in there were 2 center seats in the 26th row. By this point the band was
ready to start. I still had to find a place to set up and strap on the gear. The music is
starting and by the second song I started to walk to the stage. The music gets louder and
clearer as I get to my seat. Ana Popovic and her band were excellent. I wish I got the full
set, oh well. The second artist Rich Robinson was also solid. Next up was Jackie Greene. I
enjoyed his set and really liked the Scarlet Begonias to finish the set. I planned to switch
batteries after the set and once the music ended I started to switch batteries. I soon
realized an unexpected encore was going to happen. I rushed to finish the switch and as I
later discovered I didnt reconnect a cable. It was so sunny and bright that I couldn't really
see the levels and went by the recording lights. I also missed the next act Vintage Trouble
which was too bad. They were interesting. Surprisingly high energy. After the set I checked
the recorder batteries and recconnected the recorder properly. Chris Isaak put on an
interesting set. I had never seen him before and is not someone I really listened to very
often. He played close to two hours and did a non standard set. His brother joined the band
for two songs. Both Chris Isaak and his guitarist roamed the crowd. I hate when that happens
because everyone turns around and I face the stage. Buddy Guy does it too. All in all it was
a fun weekend taping and I am wondering why I had never gone before after seeing the venue and
hearing who had played in the past. I plan on going next year.

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