Chuck E. Weiss & The Goddamn Liars
Central Bar,
Sunset Strip,

C.E.Weiss in the 80's got the regular Monday night gig at the popular Hollywood dive called the Central.
He played there for eleven years before the place hit hard times.
It was about to close down when Chuck called his friend, actor Johnny Depp. The new club Weiss and Depp put together
on the site of the old Central on Sunset Boulevard became the instantly trendy Viper Room.]

The story begin In 1988,
I was traveling the states for my holidays and I decided to stop for a few days in La,
At the time,I was in search for a concert and when I was crossing in Holliwood Bvd with my beautifull
Pink Cadillac(laughter)...
No,I reassure you,it was just a rented car!!
I found by chance the Central Bar in the corner of Holliwood Blv,this night C.E.Weiss in Concert,
wonderfull evening in prospect.
I thus went to the show ,it was the first time when I saw him live.
The show was incredible and I spent a fantastic evening in this beautifull club.
After the show,i took my chance to talk with him and I went to his changing room.
I introduced myself and we spoke about a long moment of it's career and others things and before leaving,
I asked to him to send to me a cassette of the show.
I had a big suprise when I come back to my house to see a parcel from him with the cassette inside,he had made it.
I didn't believe it.

This cassette was sleeping in my home since this time.I think that's time now to share with you guys.

SBD>Cassette Unknow Generation>Sound Forge 9>Wav>Flac(8)>Dime>You
Sbe's aligned with TLH

Disc 1
02_Tee Na Nee Na
03_Cub Scout Suit(*)
04_Dead Man's Shoes
06_What I'm Gonna Do?
08_No Money Down
09_Bad jews In Malibu
10_Talk About Love(?)
11_My Babe//

Disc 2
01_Intro band>Poor Little Girl
02_Please Let Me Out Of Here?
03_Live Upon The Hill(?)
05_Big Fat Eyes(?)
07_I keep me Sorry(?)
09_Talk( About Eating)
10_Spyder Song
11_G-d Damn Liars

Mike Murphy:piano
Will McGregor:bass
Charles Mittleman(Spyder):Tenor saxo
Tony (Hound Dog)Gilkyson:lead Guitar
Chuck E. Weiss:Vocals

(*) Track 3 is overloaded at the begining due to the regulation of the mixing desk.

I need some help to complete the setlist if you could.
If you have more stuff from CE Weiss ,please post them.
Thank you for keeping intact the text file if you made a repost.

Dedicated to you Chuck for your kindness and your music.