Frank Erwin Center
Austin, TX
September 15, 1989

Lineage: AUD>Aiwa clip on mic>Aiwa walkman>Master cass>fades in cooledit>WAV>FLAC(level 5)

01) Falling Apart At The Seams
02) Somebody Save Me
03) If You Don't Like It
04) In From The Outside
05) Night Songs
06) Push, Push
07) Guitar solo
08) Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone
09) Coming Home
10) Gypsy Road
11) Second Wind
12) Nobody's Fool
13) Shake Me
14) Jumpin' Jack Flash (with TANGIER)
15) Sweet Home Alabama (with TANGIER)

Fun show I taped back in the day, diggin outta some old boxes recently, more to come...