4th & B
San Diego, Ca.

Master Audience Recording by Brian Emery

Set List:

The More Things Change
Push, Push
Hot & Bothered
Shelter Me
Night Songs
Somebody Save Me
Heartbreak Station
The Last Mile
Coming Home
Falling Apart at the Seems
Drum Solo/Instrumental Jam
Don't Know What You Got
Nobody's Fool
Gypsy Road
Shake Me

Lineage: ECM-959DT>WM-D6 (ANALOG)>TC-WE475>RCD-W500C W/SBM (Super Bit Mapping)


Tom Keifer - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Jeff LeBar - Guitars
Eric Brittingham - Bass Guitar
Fred Coury - Drums
Charlie Lawrence - Keyboards


This recording has been circulating since '98 however this version is a new master cassette
transfer from my original analog master tape (May. 2010).

Good show from the '98 tour with all the original members, Fred Coury returned shorty before
this show. I was kind of disappointed because it was a very short set about 75m.

This is upload #59 from my "Master tape Collection". I'm going to start uploading shows from
my 600+ masters which includes uncirculated recordings from 2003 thru the present. I've taped just
about every show i've gone too since 1986 so you can imagine i have a lot of masters to share. Most
of my recordings from 1986-2002 have been circulating as i used to do a lot of trading back in the day.
All uploads however will be new master tape transfers directly from the master tape to CD.