Poison & Cinderella
Tampa, FL
July 16, 2000
Soundboard (B+)



1 Intro
2 Look What the Cat Dragged In
3 I Want Action
4 Your Mama Don't Dance
5 Something to Believe In
6 Power to the People
7 CC Guitar Solo
8 I Hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine
9 Fallen Angel
10 Let It Play
11 Rikki Drum Solo
12 Every Rose Has Its Thorn
13 Unskinny Bop
14 Nothin' But a Good Time
15 Rock & Roll All Night
16 Talk Dirty To Me


1 Intro
2 Night Songs
3 Push Push
4 Shelter Me
5 Somebody Save Me
6 Heartbreak Station
7 Last Mile (Accoustic)
8 Coming Home
9 Falling Apart at the Seams
10 Don't Know What You Got (Til It's Gone)
11 Nobody's Fool
12 Gypsy Road
13 Shake Me

Here we go again with another hair metal show. In this case, it is two of the biggest hair bands of the 80's touring again in the new millenium. I didn't attend this tour, but I wish I had (I did see Poison & Cinderella together in 2002).

Let us all hope and pray for another tour next summer with one or both of these bands, because they can still deliver live--unlike many of today's bands half their age who don't know a fucking thing about getting the crowd into a show (I'm talking to you Aaron Lewis).