Arctic Monkeys
July 18, 2013
Super Bock Stage - Super Bock Super Rock 2013
Herdade do Cabe├žo da Flauta, Meco, Sesimbra, Portugal

Source: FM Broadcast > Creative Soundworks 705 (MONO receiver) > 3.5 mm Cable >
PC Line In > Total Recorder > WAV > CD Wave > Adobe Audition 1.0 > TLH > FLAC (8)

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************** DO NOT ENCODE TO MP3 OR ANY OTHER LOSSY FORMAT **************

01. Intro
02. Do I Wanna Know?
03. Brianstorm
04. Dancing Shoes
05. Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair
06. Teddy Picker
07. Crying Lightning
08. Brick by Brick
09. Evil Twin
10. Old Yellow Bricks
11. She's Thunderstorms
12. Pretty Visitors
13. I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
14. Do Me a Favour
15. Cornerstone
16. Suck It and See
17. Fluorescent Adolescent
18. R U Mine?


19. Mad Sounds
20. When the Sun Goes Down
21. 505

************************ DO NOT SELL THIS RECORDING ************************
************** DO NOT ENCODE TO MP3 OR ANY OTHER LOSSY FORMAT **************

Notes: Very basic setup, which was the best possible given the circumstances.
I found out that the show was going to be broadcasted at the last minute
and had to improvise something in order to record it. Please take note
that the receiver I had access to was MONO - the recording is therefore
fake stereo. Let's hope a decent recording shows up in the next days!
Plenty of station IDs throughout the broadcast - be warned! Removed DJ
comments in 2 ocasions (one during the show and the other during the
encore break), crossfaded and added some fades in/out through Audition.

Now the show - very energic and powerful set, the Monkeys are turning
into something big IMO. Great to hear, I hope that despite the average
sound you are able to enjoy the show as well.