Clarence Gatemouth Brown
August 27, 1992
Knoxville, TN
Audience Recording 41.1Khz 16 Bit Stereo
Recording & Rendering by D. Emanuel (ID: Big-E or TennDave57 depending on torrent site)

I recorded Clarence Gatemouth Brown at a little bar/club in the Old City of Knoxville, TN on 8-27-92. I have recently re-rendered the original recording for improvements, so this is a re-seed in a way but I'm putting it up as a "new" recording due to the changes. I do not recall the exact name of the club- it was Ace of Clubs or something like that. There were many such clubs back then that were short-lived and even if the venue was the same place, they all traded hands often in the Old City. What I recall about this show was that I was able to put my recorder and mic up on a stand above everyone's head and just leave it until time to flip the tape. Interestingly, the artist's crew did not ask me for a recording and didnt' seem to care what I was doing. This goes counter to what I have heard from reading about other shows which had to be stealth recorded. It's a decent recording but with the ambience etc. of a small club with chatter and ocassional clanging of beer glasses, the cash register door opening and closing, ect. Unfortunately, I do not know many of the song titles. Even setlists specific sites do not have this show listed or any near it's time. If anyone could help with the song titles, I would be obliged and would add that info to the next rendition of this upload. Enjoy!

01 Intro- Knoxville Rag?
02 ?
03 ?
04 Baby Don’t Be So Rude?
05 Workin’ All Day?
06 Stop Time
07 ?
08 Dark End of The Hallway
09 Shift Ticket Blues?
10 ?
11 Alligator Eating Dog
12 Born In Louisiana
13 ?
14 Outro

Lineage: Maxell XLII Master (ECM-909 Sony mic with WM-D3 ProWalkman, Dolby B, played back on the same machine with Dolby off when rendered) > WAV conversion and clean-up with Cool Edit 2000 & Re-Rendering with some level changes and Normalizing again recently with Cool Edit softare > Traders Little Helper for Flac/Fingerprints/Torrent creations.