Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, 1996,Syracuse, NY, Dinosaur BBQ
Although I hear they have expanded, the Dinosaur BBQ was a small but friendly club with some of the best BBQ in the world. This night the music was as good as the food.
This is a real tasty soundboard from Master cassettes. Guessed on some of the song titles.
If your a Gatemouth fan you have to have this, if your not a fan this will make you one!

Set 1

01. Intro. Instr.
02. Bits and Pieces
03. River Of Invitation
04. Leftovers
05. Take the A Train
06. I Wonder (Tape Flip)
07. Honky Tonk
08. What A Shame, What A Shame
09. Pressure Cooker

Set 2

01. Intro. Rockhouse
02. Instr.
03. Chicken Shack
04. Stomp Time
05. C John Blues
06. Deep, Deep Water
07. Mojo
08. Blues Walk (Tape Flip)
09. Blues Walk (Cont.)
010. Early In The Morning
011. Flyin High